Rising damp treatments move forward with leap and bounds

The association of wykamol users are always at the forefront of innovations in the damproofing industry.

Like in this photograph of a property which has had a chemical injection damproofing system inserted, but instead of the normal hard render system and length drying times, association members can now use meshed high density polyethylene systems.

What are the benefits you may be thinking well there are quite a few.

For older properties the issues have always been damp brickwork and ground salts which is why we use dense renders to hold these issues back, but with the advent of these new membrane systems, we can hold these issues back whilst still allowing the walls to breathe, as well as applying render systems with very little drying times so the householder can move back into the property quicker.

There is also a benefit with thermal performance as such as you are putting a barrier between the cold masonry and the finished plaster, this will increase u values and increase thermal performance of the masonry wall,
In historic properties and listed buildings the heritage people love the fact the membrane can be removed at a later stage an important factor that is a major benefit over hard renders also.

The system is less prone to render issues also a factor which over the years as caused issues where a contractor installs the damproofing system and then a main contractor plasters not to correct procedures, the membrane system eliminates this.

The association feels that these major benefits are why this system is now widely available through our members,
Any questions speak to your local member and ask about the membrane system for damproofing