Day in the life of…

Day in the life of a technical manager at AAWU surveyor

The site is Wythenshawe hall and farm buildings , part historic and listed buildings the AAWU member was asked to help design a specification for rising damp, and timber treatments to this group of buildings .

The main hall had been vandalised and a fire had destroyed part of this building but the other barns and out buildings were in a far better condition apart from leaking roofs and usual dampness issues

When surveying it was noted one of the barns was well below ground level on 2 elevations so the surveyor advisor determined that this building needed a scheme of type c waterproofing to these elevations

Rising damp was present throughout the properties and due to animal storage and use as feed areas the technical advisor felt that the walls needed a damp proofing scheme but that they also needed a membrane system installing to combat any aggressive salts , this would still allow the wall to breathe and would also benefit the conservation team as this could be taken off at a later stage , but still stopped any passage of moisture into new plaster finishes

The biggest area of concern was the timbers , in some areas these were in good condition but in others rot had affected main roof timbers and bearing ends These timbers were oak so a sympathetic scheme needed designing to try and save as much as possible and to pit back like for like where these timbers could not be saved

Specialist timber resin repairs were specified along with some spray treatments where woodworm had affected the timbers

Working along side the main contractor and the conservation team this is a ongoing project and we hope to post further updates when the scheme starts in a few weeks time

There is over 400 meters of damp proofing  works and membranes on this project so this is a good sized scheme to use a a case study when we carry out CPDs to architects  and building conservation teams

If you have a project or scheme you need looking at please contact us for help , our knowledge in repairing these kinds of buildings goes back many years with the company founded over 50 years ago and working on some of the most prestigious buildings across the UK.