New Build Waterproofing

New Build Waterproofing

New Build Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing for New-Build Basements

Basement waterproofing for new build properties should be undertaken only by experienced, suitably qualified professionals.

Our surveyors hold the CSSW (Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) qualification required by the NHBC and Premier Guarantee new build guarantee schemes where a basement forms part of the scheme. As land costs increase year on year, and planning requirements drive for better use of land in terms of density, basements are becoming ever more popular as part of new build schemes.

When can the AAWU get involved with your New Build Project?

The association can provide assistance to design and construction professionals with the overall basement waterproofing design process as well as specification of suitable high quality materials and the installation of the basement waterproofing system recommended, all designed and fitted to BS8102:2009.

With decades of industry experience, we can provide you with expert advice on basement waterproofing for new build projects for:

  • Domestic dwelling builds
  • Commercial schemes as well as different forms of construction
  • Traditional through ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork)
  • Mass Waterproof Concrete construction

What new build waterproofing challenges have we come across?

New build schemes offer numerous challenges in terms of acceptable basement construction and basement waterproofing.

Part of the process to construct the basement involves excavation to create space for the basement chambers below ground level. The excavation itself creates a natural sump into which water can accumulate both from rainfall and as a result of ingress from adjacent soil. Often the back-fill to the excavation is more permeable than the original native site soils ­ this can result in water easily migrating towards the new construction from the surrounding site.

The association can collaborate with you and your design and construction team at an early stage to ensure your project conforms to all current relevant legislation and regulations relating to basement waterproofing.

We can help you to determine the correct level of basement waterproofing that you require as well as identifying and providing solutions to any potential issues surrounding land-drainage to the perimeter of the new construction.

Direction at the Basement Design Stage

We can offer you a broad consultative service at design stage and we can help you to consider how the correct basement waterproofing system can be integrated into the overall build. We also help you to create full preparatory and finishing specification for before and after the basement waterproofing system has been installed.

The association members can provide you with a new build project basement waterproofing design, project management and site supervisory service professionally managed by our qualified surveyors.

Why you need a CSSW Surveyor for your New Build Basement

CSSW surveyors are construction industry recognised specialists in structural waterproofing solutions. A number of new-build guarantee scheme providers including NHBC and Premier Guarantee have now stipulated that basement waterproofing systems must be designed by CSSW qualified surveyors.

As a professional basement waterproofing contractor we carry Professional Indemnity Insurance for our system design. We also offer insurance backed guarantees and ongoing service contracts.