AAWU Guarantees and Insurance

Put your home in safe hands

When treating word-boring beetle attack; wood rot and rising damp; doing structural waterproofing or replacing wall ties, make sure you have the combined protection of the industry leaders Wykamol and their Accredited users, the AAWU.

Backed by the expert insurance provided by Construction Guarantee Services Ltd and providing homeowners and contractors with a 10 year peace of mind insurance backed guarantee choosing an AAWU contractor provides the ultimate protection for your most valuable asset – your home.

AAWU – quality assured

All AAWU contractors have achieved what are probably the hardest approval standards in the industry. Checks on technical competence, Health and Safety and clear, concise and accurate reports, ensure that association members have an enviable position within the industry.

They are held in the highest respect amongst specifiers, local authorities, church councils and national institutions.

Why use an AWWU CGS approved contractor?

Choosing a contractor purely on the basis of the cheapest quotation and the length of their own guarantee may not be your best option.

Can you contractor provide you with the assurances that their own guarantee will be honoured by a reputable UK-based insurance company in the event they cease trading.

If gambling with your house is not the your thing and you prefer competence over cowboys, then choose a CGS and AAWU approved contractor. CGS Approved Contractors offer insurance-Backed Guarantees from Guarantee Protection Insurance Limited; a UK-based insurer that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, thereby providing the gold standard in consumer protection in terms of the strength go cover and extent of redress and recourse provided.

What does an Insurance-Backed Guarantee do?

No contractor – no matter how reputable – can give assurances that they will always be around to honour the terms of their own written guarantee.

An Insurance-Backed guarantee is a low-cost insurance product, which is designed to protect property owners against defects that would normally be covered by the contractor’s own written guarantee.